Welcome To Our New Website

As of Tuesday January 12th, CarmellosRestaurant.com is powered by a brand new, state of the art website, whose objective is to better serve our clients, while catching up with vital internet marketing technologies and techniques to better market our restaurant through search engines and social media. We would like to thank EWM Technologies for their Consultation, Development and Training Services.

Our new website has been especially developed to adapt to the trends of today in regards to how small businesses operate on the world wide web. We are happy to have preserved certain features of our previous website, which were loved by our users like daily updated dinner specials and online reservations. Not only have we preserved this features, but we have also enhanced them to turn them into fully automated processes. In addition, we have introduced new features designed to enhance user experience on our website as well as provide more value to our users.
Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Christopher Newman, who has for the past two years developed and maintained our former website. We at Carmello’s Restaurant are forever grateful for his assistance in creating and establishing our company presence on the world wide web. We wish Christopher the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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